Antari S120 Foam Machine

Antari S120 Foam Machine
Antari S120 Foam Machine
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Product Description

Antari S120 Foam Machine

Antari S-120 is reliable, environmentally, and user-friendly. It produces clear and bubbly foam suitable for a wide variety of applications. S-120 can be easily operated by a beginner who is not a pro user in machines. Also its output can be easily regulated and, when using Antari dealer recommended liquid, is safe, clean and odorless. In fact, Antari has designed this foam machine with a smaller size that is suitable for small stage effects and parties. As an increasing numbers of people who prefer to celebrate their parties at home, a small portable and easy-to-operate machine would always be an amusing supporting cast to include. ---------------------


- Power: AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V, 50Hz-60Hz

- Power Consumption: 600W

- Output: 320 ml/min

- Tank Capacity: 5 Liters

- Weight: 12 Kg

- Dimensions (mm): L600 x W260 x H300