JBL MRX528S Compact 18" Portable Subwoofer System

JBL MRX528S Compact 18" Portable Subwoofer System
JBL MRX528S Compact 18" Portable Subwoofer System
Item# JBL-MRX528S

JBL MRX528S Compact 18" Portable Subwoofer System

Features : Specifications :

Dual 18 inch, 2044H drivers for extended low-frequency output

Large vents for reduced distortion

Vertical orientation for convenient ground stacking

Tough DuraFlexT enclosure finish

Power Rating : 1000 W / 2000 W / 4000 W

Frequency Range : 35 Hz - 250 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D) : 1095 mm x 535 mm x 700 mm (43 in x 21 in x 27.5 in)

Sensitivity : 97 dB SPL; 103 dB SPL

Frequency Response : 40 Hz - 250 Hz

Nominal Impedance : 4 ohms

Rated Maximum SPL : 133 dB SPL (139 dB SPL)*Calculated on half space condition

Coverage Pattern: : 70º x 70º nominal

Weight : 55 kg (121 lbs.)

Low Frequency Driver : 2 x JBL 2044H 457 mm (18 in.) woofers

Applications : Live performance venues

Mobile and fixed DJ systems

The MRX528S is a compact, high power subwoofer system containing dual 2044H 457 mm (18") woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The enclosure is designed to present a minimum frontal area. It is also configured in an upright format to permit the convenient stacking of fullrange enclosures on top without the need for an additional pole.

The system offers complete input connection flexibility for compatibility with a variety of cabling schemes. The input panel incorporates a pair of Neutrik® Speakon® NL-4 connectors wired in parallel. The MRX528S is supplied with pins +1/-1 connected to the woofer. This may be easily reconfigured to work with cabling systems intended to drive subwoofers on pins +2/-2.

The enclosure is constructed of quality plywood, coated in JBL’s rugged DuraFlex™ finish and is braced to maximize low-frequency performance. The attractive CNC-machined, 16-gauge steel grille is internally lined with an acoustically transparent screen to provide additional driver protection and give a very professional appearance.