Ortofon MF7 Single Cartridge 1 Stylus Only

Ortofon MF7 Single Cartridge
Ortofon MF7 Single Cartridge
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Product Description

Ortofon MF7 Singel Cartridge

Ortofon is proud to announce the arrival of the new MF-7 cartridges value-priced ‘single’ DJ cartridge that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The Ortofon MF-7 prides itself in having a rugged suspension created for scratching & backcueing, and rough handling.

The MF-7 is particularly good for electronic music and hip hop, where there is an emphasis on energetic percussion and deep, aggressive bass. Without harshness, the lively-sounding MF-7 has a slightly accented midrange, to help scratching cut through the mix.