Ortofon OMS120 On SH-4 Serato Headshell

Ortofon OMS120 On SH-4 Serato Headshell
Ortofon OMS120 On SH-4 Serato Headshell
Item# Ortofon-OMS120-SH-4
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Product Description

Ortofon OMS120 On SH-4 Serato Headshell

The Ortofon-Serato S-120 represents a completely new way of constructing and designing cartridges. Its breakthrough patent pending technology has been designed to provide you with maximum freedom for your performance.

An innovative technology, called asymmetric suspension, takes the cartridge performance to the next level. Its superior tracking force ensures the S-120 stays in the groove even under extreme live performance conditions.

The S-120 rides more evenly in a groove with less bias or skate than any other cartridge design and has an exceptionally low degree of wear on the vinyl, making it perfect for collectible vinyl, control vinyl and 12" dance singles - especially louder pressings that are prone to jumping out of the groove.

In addition, its design achieves an unprecedented low level of record wear, which helps protect your valuable vinyl. On top of this, the S-120 is capable of providing a level of sound quality never thought possible from a modern DJ cartridge.

Includes an OM S-120 premounted on the SH-4 Serato headshell.

Ortofon-Serato SH-4 Headshell:

* Fits any standard DJ turntable connection

* High quality tonearm terminal connections

* Compatible with any standard Ortofon DJ cartridges

* Mounting guides for straight and S-shaped tonearms

* Supplied as single or assembly with OM