Rane Serato Scratch Replacement Vinyl (blue)

Rane Serato Scratch Replacement Vinyl (blue)
Rane Serato Scratch Replacement Vinyl (blue)
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Product Description

Rane Serato Scratch Replacement Vinyl (blue)

Blue Color Vinyl

Spare Vinyl Record for Serato Scratch

Only works with the Rane Serato Scratch System

Both Sides Timecoded for Convenience

Latest CV02 Version

Rane Serato Scratch Live Vinyl Record

This is the limited edition, highly coveted BLUE vinyl from Serato, made for Serato Scratch Live 1.2+.

The Second Edition Scratch LIVE vinyl (CV02) is different from the first edition (CV01) in two ways. Firstly, the record was mastered on much better equipment than the original, and does not suffer from any noticeable pitch variation (0.0026% max). Secondly, the absolute positioning signal used in CV02 differs from CV01 enabling the software to distinguish which version of the vinyl is being used, and even which side is playing.

The second edition is obvious from the red band on the upper right corner of the sleeve. The label on the vinyl, besides being marked CV02, has large A and B markings to easily tell between the 10:00 and 15:00 sides.

Scratch LIVE software version 1.2 and higher is required to use the second edition vinyl.