Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge
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Product Description

Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge

Features extreme skip resistance, lowest record burn, ultrahigh output, and especially strong bass. Spherical stylus tip. 1.5-3 grams tracking range. 9.5mV output.

Employs low-mass, high-output, moving magnet structure invented by Shure

Comes with a user guide, mounting hardware, and stylus guard

Full one-year warranty.

Wide-diameter, high-strength stylus assemblies for dependable back-cueing

Spherical diamond tips that ride gently over a large footprint in the record groove

Cutaway grips for high visibility of the irradiant orange stylus tip

Standard 1/2" mounts that fit all leading DJ turntables